M-Way Aero Dynamic Lockable Aluminium Roof Bars Volvo V90 1997-1998

M-Way Aero Dynamic Lockable Aluminium Roof Bars Volvo V90 1997-1998


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6 in stock

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* Exclusive to Maypole
* M-Way M-Profile length 120cm
* Suitable for low profile, integrated roof rails
* Suitable for use with a T Track roof rail system with 4 x 12 x 12 mm Head Square Screws
* Patented mechanism unique to M-Way roof bars
* Anodized non-slip aluminium bars
* TUV / GS safety approved loads 75kg and 90kg
* Simple and fast assembly
* Instructions included
* Lockable to prevent theft
*  Fits Volvo V90 1997-1998
* Maypole MP6628 Storage Bag is NOT part of this listing 
* Need a Universal Storage Bag to keep your Roof Bars Safe when not in use Order Item Number 152151690710
* Free Delivery On Universal Storage Bag if Ordered with Roof Bars 

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Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
VolvoV901996-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.52473ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901996-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.52473ccm 179HP 132KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901997-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.52473ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901997-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.52473ccm 179HP 132KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901997-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.92922ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901997-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.92922ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901998-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.52473ccm 170HP 125KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901998-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.92922ccm 180HP 132KW (Petrol)
VolvoV901998-- [1996-1998] EstateEstate2.92922ccm 204HP 150KW (Petrol)